Is our licorice gluten free?
No, we use wheat in our products
What flavors do you have?
Our year-round flavors are Traditional Red, Traditional Black, Blue Raspberry, Cinnamon and Chocolate.  We also offer grape, watermelon, and green apple seasonally.
Do you offer sugar-free licorice?
We do not have any sugar-free licorice at this time
Where is green apple?  Where is watermelon?
Green apple and watermelon are seasonal flavors.  Watermelon is released in the summer and green apple is released in the fall.  Both are available for a limited time and while supplies last.
Where are you located?
Click here, or check our event locator and enter your location so you can see where we will be.  Be sure to check back often because we update it frequently!
How do I place an order?  How much is shipping?
You can shop online by choosing "shop" from the left side menu.  Within in the US, shipping is flat rate $10 for USPS Priority Mail.
Can I include a note for a gift?
At this time we don't have that capability, but that person sure is lucky that you're sending them our licorice!
Do you do fundraisers?  
Yes, we have an awesome fundraiser program.  Contact us for more information.
Can I sell your licorice in my store?
Yes, you can, however we do not have barcodes on our packaging and we do have a minimum of 10 cases to get started.  If you are still interested contact us for more information.
Can I sell your product at events?
Yes, you can!  We have an amazing business opportunity where you can sell our licorice at events around the country.  Contact us for more information.
How long does it take to get my order?
We ship orders Monday thru Friday.  We always try to get your order shipped within 24-48 hours.  We do ship everything USPS Priority Mail, so you should receive your order in 3-5 days.
Do you have a Licorice of the Month Club?
Not currently but that is something we are working on.
Can I send you my loyalty card to get my free bag of licorice?
No the Loyalty cards are only good at events.  You can only get them punched and redeem them at events.  Online sales do not count towards your free bag.
Can I ship to a different address other than my billing address?
Yes, you can ship anywhere the USPS ships.  During the checkout process you can enter in the address to where you want your order shipped.

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