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Over ten years of expertise in making and selling licorice

The Licorice Guy
The Licorice Guy

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At Licorice GuyTM, we provide old fashioned licorice in traditional and fun flavors. We are a family-owned business with ten years of experience in this field. We provide our products to farmers, markets, craft shows, festivals, and the people who love licorice.

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing the best quality gourmet licorice for our customers.  We strive to provide customer service that surpasses expectations and, as a result, have earned the loyalty of thousands of satisfied customers.  Our desire is to continue to grow and offer a little bit of joy to our “friends” we meet along this journey of life.  God Bless.

Our Licorice Varieties

Our Licorice Varieties

Check back often as these change throughout the year.

Featured Products

Featured Products



Kenneth D.


Very simply, there’s nothing better.

Kathleen T.


Just love this licorice. Will not eat any other brand

Justin W.


Cinnamon is great
Thank you

Colleen L.


This is the best licorice I've ever had and it is superior to anything I can find at the store. But I do think shipping is a little high.

Marsha F.


Bought one bag for a friend that loves red licorice but is very picky. Her words "this is the best licorice I've ever had" and I agree. I have since bought 4 more bags of the red, one cinnamon & one blue raspberry (haven't tried either of those yet).
Definitely 5 stars and the price very reasonable.

Tammy S.


Unfortunately I didn’t get to enjoy any of it. I sent it to my son and his family. Their 2 girls loved both flavors, strawberry and blue raspberry.
Great licorice. Keep up the great job.
Dave Sakalas

Debbie W.


Best licorice ever!!

Dave C.


Best red licorice I have ever tasted and I have tasted a great many. It is unusually soft, not hard like the more well known. I just love it

Nancy W.


The best licorice. So fresh, so flavorful.

Patricia D.


I bought the Blue Raspberry... BEST Licorice I have ever eaten. Seriously addicting.